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Incident Response

When a security incident occurs, an efficient and organized response is key to minimizing negative impacts and preserving key evidence. C.F.T Security works with the customers to formulate a tactical and strategic response plan. First, C.F.T assesses the situation to understand the scope of the incident. C.F.T then formulates a containment strategy to prevent further loss. Once the most severe issues have been addressed, C.F.T works with the client to analyze the impact of the breach and develop a remediation plan. All information collected during the engagement is delivered to the client in a report of findings and recommendations.

Digital forensics is a documented procedure involving the recovery, preservation, analysis and presentation of data from computer storage media. The resulting data might be used as evidence supporting, or disproving, aspects of an investigation or other inquiry.  All efforts are conducted with complete confidentiality and assumed to be protected under attorney client privilege.
We begin by asking pertinent questions so that the examiner has an accurate understanding of the task at hand. Procedures taken by the examiner are done with the presumption that the information gathered during the examination may be used in a court of law.  All steps are documented, beginning with the full identification of the computer in question.  This information becomes part of the Chain of Custody, which tracks the possession and control of the computer beginning and ending with the examiner.
The extent of an examination depends on the scope and purpose of the requested exam, as well as the size and complexity of the storage media being examined.  Examinations are not conducted at the client premises however, all steps in the process are documented and provided in a final report of findings and recommendations.
C.F.T Security personnel stay current on evolving security threats and cutting edge technologies. Our methodology is consistent and repeatable.  Every client is different, as such our approach is tailored to needs of the client.  C.F.T Security personnel have over 13 years experience working in information security and law enforcement.
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