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Z+ Penetration Testing and VAPT Services

Z+ Penetration Testing and VAPT Services Company

What is Z+ Penetation Testing Services ?
It is a deep and dark process of identifying the vulnerabilities in a system. It is the most advanced penetration testing services of all services, available in the market.

We have 50+ certified penetration tester across the globe, connected through our penetratin tester network channel for the VAPT services.

The Z+ penetration testing is more than a normal penetration testing method or technique. Where your digital asset is at risk, hackers are eyeying or monitoring your digital asset, trying to break into your systems. Sometimes most the hackers are well experienced and well equipped to break into your systems but in that case you are not able to stop these activities so in that case our Z+ penetration testing service and VAPT services helps you to get updated and be secure all the time.

It's ALL Hands-On – 100%. The format is practice the professional security testing methodology for the first half of the class. Once you have practiced this then you will go against a “live” range. The process is as follows:

The sample methodology:
  • Information gathering and OSINT
  • Scanning Building a Target Database
  • Enumeration
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Exploitation
  • Post exploitation
  • Advanced techniques
  • Data Analysis
  • Report

The A Team

The “A” Team is an elite set of professionals who hold LPT (Master) credential and will either be working in conjunction or as part of the EC-Council Global Services (EGS) consulting unit and will be extended an invitation to be part of the penetration testing and information security consulting assignments EGS is engaged in across the globe across all industry verticals.

How to become a member of the “A” Team:

Selected Certified Licensed Penetration Tester professionals will be invited in EC-Council’s elite “A”Team. Police clearance / verification / background check / legal agreements will be involved before joining the team.

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We will cover all the following methods and attacks in this Z+ Penetration Testing and VAPT Services;

  •  Phishing
  •  Zero Day Attacks
  •  Internal Network Scan
  •  External Network Scan
  •  Exploit Scanning
  •  Trojans
  •  Backdoors
  •  SQL/XSS Scan
  •  Physical Security Checking
  •  Internal/External System Scan
  •  and many more...