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EC-Council Certified Security Analyst - ECSA V10 Practical (ANSI) Lab Exam

CEH Course and TrainingECSA V10 Practical Lab Exam Details:

The EC-Council ECSA V10 preparatory course for this certification is the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA V10) course. While there is no additional or extra course or training required after the ECSA V10 course, we strongly recommend that you attempt the ECSA V10 Practical exam or ECSA V10 Lab Exam only if you have attended the official current ECSA V10 course. The aim of this EC-Council ECSA V10 credential is to help to set the gifted penetration testing (pentest) practitioners apart from the crowd with real world skills.

The ECSA V10 (Practical) tests your skills and ability to perform real time threat and real time exploit research, understand exploits in the wild, you can write your own exploits, customize payloads, and make critical decisions at different phases of a pen testing (penetration) engagement that can make or break the whole EC-Council ECSA V10 practical assessment. You will also be required to create a professional pen testing report with essential elements and guidance for the organization in the scenario to act on.

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ECSA V10 Practical Duration: 15 Days (Regular and Weekend batches available)
ECSA V10 Practical Pre-Requisite: Basic Knowledge of computer and internet
ECSA V10 Practical Eligibility Criteria: Attend Official EC-Council Training
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ECSA V10 Practical Course Included:
Global EC-Council V10 Practical Certification
Official EC-Council V10 Practical Training
ECSA V10 Practical Certified Instructor/Trainer
EC-Council ECSA V10 Practical Study Material
EC-Council ECSA V10 Practical Digital Kit
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ECSA V10 Practical Exam Info:
ECSA V10 Practical Number of Questions: NA
ECSA V10 Practical Exam/Test Duration: 12 Hours
Test Format: Real Time iLAB (Live Practical Exam)

Test Delivery:

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